Clarets Corner by John Greenwood: Positive. but even a few mistakes are punished

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It’s hard to take positives from a game you’ve lost 3-1.

But nevertheless there are plenty of positives at Burnley lately, as well as some lessons to be learned, writes John Greenwood.

Against Sam Allardyce’s West Ham Sean Dyche’s Clarets played superbly in the first half, and didn’t play badly in the second.

But when they made errors they were punished by some whipped in balls and strong headers. You might get away with some of these in the Championship, you won’t in the Prem.

It is still a learning curve and Burnley are far from abject. They do have a lot to learn in a short time in a league which is stronger now that it was when the Clarets last bowed out of it in 2010.

Another chance comes at home, an in front of the television cameras, on Sunday, when Everton are the visitors. Last time out in the top flight, an early home win against the Toffees set up a great start to the season.

It will be harder this time, but my spirits remain high.