Clarets Corner by John Greenwood: Sean’s mantra making good sense

Big loss - Sam Vokes
Big loss - Sam Vokes

It will be a very interesting game when Burnley rock up at Watford on Saturday.

The whole club community needs to put last Saturday’s defeat at the hands of league leaders Leicester behind them and I’m sure they will.

With Danny Ings and Kieran Trippier both doubtful returners, Dean Marney serving out the last game of his ban and Sam Vokes - perhaps most sadly of all - out for potentially months, it won’t be easy.

It will therefor be interesting to see how Sean Dyche sets up his team.

Watford are no pushovers and the system - altered out of necessity last Saturday when Sam limped off with serious injury - didn’t quite work against a team as strong, all-round, as Leicester.

But Burnley have scored plenty of goals from other positions this term, and we hope that will continue in the drive to nail down the second promotion spot.

Scott Arfield, for one, is proving the most effective midfield goalscorer for some time and whichever option the boss chooses (and may be forced on him by circumstance) should see Burnley pick up points, and we remain nine clear of third spot with QPR, of all people, dropping home points by the end of last Saturday’s fixtures .

We could easily have considered a draw against Leicester a good result and expected QPR to beat Blackpool, leaving us with an eight-point advantage. Instead, Clarets lost and still led third place by nine!

It shows nothing can be taken for granted in the Championship, and Sean Dyche’s one game at a time mantra makes all the more sense as season’s end approaches.