Clarets Corner with John Greenwood: We must get behind our table toppers

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After a shaky spell, Burnley go into this Saturday lunchtime’s top of the table clash at Leicester in pole position.

The Clarets ground out a win against Barnsley after having to field a makeshift team against Watford, drawing in chilly midweek.

This was always going to happen. Not that it has prevented some supporters from being over-vocal in their impatience over the past few weeks.

With such a small squad it was going to be difficult when key players were suspended or, in this case, injured, and while it’s justifiable to ponder why any loan signings were not brought in (can’t afford it is still the likeliest explanation), getting on the team’s backs won’t help. Sean Dyche picked up on this in the Barnsley game and we will have to bite our tongues a bit as we battle through. I’d hate to lose him through incessant moaning from the stands.

There are folk who sit near me for whom the Clarets cannot do a thing right even when they are topping the league. They wax lyrical about Jimmy McIlroy, having been lucky enough to see him, but don’t seem to grasp that in today’s game he would be playing for Manchester United. Or Barcelona, possibly.

As Stan Ternent always pointed out, “it’s Burnley, not Barcelona”, and much more so now that in 1960. The team have played out of their skins to get us this far, this season. So get behind them through the Christmas period.