Cometh Keith, of all people...

BURNLEY V VEOVIL TOWN: Treacy celebrates his goal with Marney
BURNLEY V VEOVIL TOWN: Treacy celebrates his goal with Marney

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

Perhaps few would have expected it to be Keith Treacy, but along with Scott Arfield Burnley’s game changed against Yeovil when Sean Dyche made what turned out to be two inspired substitutions.

I wouldn’t belittle Yeovil by calling them “plucky” or “little”. They were a robust side and for the first 45 minutes in particular had been quicker to the ball and closed down rapidly a Burnley team who looked as though they expected an easier game.

The Somerset side crumbled late on, when two goals in quick succession from Treacy - a cross-cum-shot belted in from the left wing which zipped off goalkeeper and crossbar into the net - and then Sam Vokes turning pinball wizard from an Arfield strike just minutes later, settled it.

Treacy has frustrated immensely in his first two seasons at Turf Moor. Here he grabbed a game by the scruff of the neck and gave indication of the talent he possesses but seems to have shown only fleetingly.

He looks in shape (I’ll wager last year’s shirt would have been a size larger) and if he re-thinks his strategy, with Dyche’s undoubted help, he may yet have the career he should have already had.

Only time will tell, and there have been false dawns before.

If he knuckles down, and he must realise chances are running out at clubs of championship level if he doesn’t, it’ll be like having a new player.