Fans' view: Here's what you, the Burnley fans, had to say after yesterday's VAR controversy

VAR denies Burnley an equaliser against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium
VAR denies Burnley an equaliser against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium

Burnley were beaten 2-1 against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium after Sean Dyche's side controversially had a goal chalked off by the Video Assistant Referee.

Foxes centre back Jonny Evans had bundled the ball in to the net to seemingly had the visitors an equaliser. However, after review, referee Jon Moss awarded a free kick to the home side. This is what you had to say about the incident.

Elaine McCalman: Robbed again! But I'm proud of our lads.

Clarets Cork: The only thing I blame the referee for is that he didn't go to the monitor on the sideline and have a 2nd look. He awarded the 'goal', VAR looks at every goal anyway, nothing unusual in that. What was unusual is that VAR overruled the ref and he accepted it without a 2nd look. I suspect refs have been told not to cause a delay by going to view the monitor. If they have then the fans should be informed that VAR has the final say.

Andrew John Gray: This technology is not helping referees!!!! The technology is not decisive or accurate enough at this stage to aid them in a decision. At the moment I can honestly say most fans are not an advocate of this bigger version of my lounge tv.

Phil Graham: Nothing has changed. Little old Burnley don't get the decisions because we're not a top team.

Daniel Topping: VAR has not overturned any official's decisions so far this season apart from offsides. Anyone who knows the game of football can see that 1, there was a slight touch but not intentional and 2, he wouldn't have got the ball anyway. For them to overturn his decision they are saying he has made a clear and obvious error. VAR should not of intervened and at best ask the referee to view on his screen and he would have stuck with his original decision.

Roy Waddington: What can I say we were robbed yet again everybody seems to be against Burnley they haven’t a right word to say now we have VAR to cope with but we will be back next Saturday when we take on Chelsea come on Burnley you can do it

Richard Lupton: On a day when VAR decides the Vertonghen challenge on Deulofeu isn’t a penalty, just how Burnley can have that goal chalked off is beyond shambolic.

Looking after the big boys as ever

Bernie Wilson: Evans was nowhere near getting the ball 'n dived like he was trying for a pen.

Gordon Mazza: we were robbed once AGAIN

Richard Grady: Awful decision. One of the worst yet.

Carol Varley-Dwyer: The ball was already in the net when the actress took a dive - That goal should have been allowed

Joe Heseltine: VAR cannot work from an opinion it isn't technology

Patricia Bromley: It’s about time someone took over these bad decisions and get them revoked like the yellow and red cards

Ellie Marlow: What’s the actual point of VAR if it is wrong.

Elaine McCalman: Robbed again! But I'm proud of our lads.

Mark Bailey: Awful awful decision by VAR. Too inconclusive so should have upheld the ref whichever way he had decided.

Garreth Fetigan: No just no Evans wouldn’t of been able to flick that out of the net no way. VAR is good but that was wrong no question

Shirley-Steve Walton: We never seem to get the right decision!

Frank Bartram: VAR should be abolished, or at least be used by ex-players who have an understanding of what happens during a game

Adam Bucky Butschok: Accidentally caught him, that being said I wouldn't of thought Evan's would of cleared it anyway as it was moving too fast.... harsh

Mike Haggis: whichever VAR official that made that decision should be sacked in the morning

Helen Rawes: Robbed again!

Barbara Alton: Why do the referees not go over to the VAR screen in our games

They should do and question the decision with the VAR team


Stephanie Jayne: What do you think!!! It shouldn’t have even been checked. The PL is corrupt!

Matt Riggs: VAR has been brought in to control results. Simple as that. An absolute disgrace of a decision.

Mark Patrick Gibbons: No it was wrong goal should have stood

Alan Harper: Having watched this over and over and over, it is now obvious that:

(a) Wood’s right foot did touch Evans’s right foot.

(b) Evans’s right foot then hits the back of his own left calf.

(c) Evans then thought, ‘Yep, I’ll give this a go, nothing to lose’, and his left leg then mysteriously freezes whilst bent, and down he goes.

One hundred per cent dive and cheating, as is referenced by his giveaway interview on MoTD, full of ‘tells’.

“Among the most common signs of lying is the nose touch. Adults are more conscious about body signs that they are displaying, but still use the same hand gesture.”

Simon Hall: Watched it live. And replayed during VAR and was so obviously a goal I went to loo. Came back and was baffled. What person watching that can not give the goal. The ball was almost in the net when Evans went down fro the slightest heel clip. It was already over.

Alex Hanham-Ambrose: Don't know what everyone's complaining about, VAR was introduced to aid the top 6 and popular clubs with decisions that previously they wouldn't have got. If your not in the top 8 most popular clubs no matter how clear or obvious something is, you'll always be on the wrong end of the VAR decisions. Both Watford and Burnley robbed of points due to clear errors that VAR chose to ignore, setting the tone for the whole season so get used to it

David Nuttall: If VAR is not going to be used correctly then we may as not well bother having it.

@Yunghaw: Absolutely furious

Kath O'Callaghan: Totally crazy!! Don't understand how they came to that decision.