Promotion hope is fading fast for Clarets

HOPE lies faint on the horizon, struggling to stay on his feet.

Mathematics says that Burnley can still get a play-off spot this season, but the form shown over the last four games suggests that they won’t.

If the second half performance against Ipswich last Saturday showed a willingness to fight, it wasn’t enough to eclipse the hollow first half showing.

I’ve mentioned before that the team, even taking into account some major changes to the ranks, just looks lop-sided somehow this season. It may take Eddie Howe the summer to sort it out.

Burnley lack any real midfield enforcement, dfeenders are shackling Chris Eagles out of the game and goals (well, let’s face it, even chances) have been thin on the ground since the win at Hull had briefly put Burnley in charge of their own destiny.

It all had the air of a challenge finally fizzling out rather than firing up, as it did in 2009.

If it means coming back the stronger next year, that will be OK by me.

As far as this season goes, it remains to be seen whether heart will again rule head.

l GOOD to see Geoff Nulty back doing the half time draw on Saturday - and also Jim Thompson.

That’s not Nulty’s “Team of the 70s” team-mate Jim Thomson, but the other Jim who has clocked up 64 years’ service at Turf Moor and been awarded a Football League Unsung Heroes Award.

I’m fairly sure Jim was behind the club shop counter when my first purchases were made around 1974 (when there wasn’t that much stock to choose from) and he’s certainly sold me many tickets since. Well done Jim.

l TOP April fool from Dave Thomas and his “discovery” of Bob Lord’s Diaries.

The Todmorden-born author (his new book, Entertainment, Heroes and Villains is soon on sale) produced a quality spoof precisely because some of it was believable. I can well imagine Lord refusing to dine with his fellow football power brokers and ordering fish and chips sent to his hotel room!