Walsden planning positive action after changing facilities condemned by council

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Walsden C & FC are looking to instigate a long term plan to take control of their playing and changing facilities at Walsden Rec from Calderdale Council.

Club officials have been prompted to consider the idea after the football club had the changing facilities condemned as not fit for purpose just before their Rochdale Online Alliance campaign kicked off.

Calderdale Council reported that the structure was unsafe and that there was the possibility of the presence of asbestos in the roof.

As a result the doors have been locked leaving players with nowhere to change.

Walsden Cricket Club had been happy to let the football club use their facilities until a solution is found, but in an added complication their changing facilities are currently undergoing renovation.

“It is very disappointing because nothing was mentioned when I first made enquiries about using the facilities ahead of the season,” said club spokeman Kenny Gale.

“It wasn’t until the season started that we were made aware of the council’s findings which left us in the lurch.

“We told the council that we have people involved at the club who were capable of doing the neccessary work to bring the facilities back into use, but we haven’t heard anything back from them.

“We have now been advised to set up a proper committee with the intention of taking it off the council’s hands. It is a question of getting things sorted and seeing how we can go forward.”

League officials have contacted Walsden after one visiting team complained of having to change in their cars on Scott Street.

“I did get a text from the league saying they hoped it would be a one-off,” added Gale.

“Luckily we are away for the next three weeks so it won’t be an issue.

“The cricket club refurbishment is due to be completed around Christmas time so hopefully the disruption won’t last for too much longer.”

Walsden’s game was called off last weekend and boss Steve Sale will now prepare his players for a trip to league leaders FC Bury Town.

Sale has boosted his squad with the signing of former Stalybridge Celtic midfielder Sam Holt and central defender Joe Hanson.

“Sam could certainly still play at a higher level, but I know him and have got my hooks in him,” said Sale.

“We have good individual players at the club if I can get them on the field at the same time, and I am confident we can beat Bury on Saturday.”