"We are getting penalised for doing the right thing," says Burnley boss Sean Dyche!

Burnley boss Sean Dyche feels his players are being penalised for doing the 'right thing' in the Premier League.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 8:20 am

The Clarets chief has been banging the drum regarding simulation and overreaction for some time now, but it still feels very much like the ex-defender is part of a one-man band.

Dyche wants to see the theatrics in football outlawed, which will only happen if officials adopt a stronger stance when it comes to the 'softer' calls.

Arsenal's Alexandre Lacazette dramatised a challenge from Erik Pieters at Turf Moor at the weekend, with his behaviour mocked by the panel on Match of the Day.

Matej Vydra of Burnley is tackled by Bukayo Saka of Arsenal during the Premier League match between Burnley and Arsenal at Turf Moor on March 06, 2021 in Burnley, England.

The striker's exaggerated cries, however, influenced Andre Marriner's decision to award a free kick to the Gunners and brandish a yellow card for the Dutchman.

Yet the matchday official had earlier ignored penalty appeals when Matej Vydra was caught by Bukayo Saka inside the box.

Dyche, who felt the Czech striker was punished for his honesty, said: "I don't want penalties to be given when someone gets touched on the shoulder and their legs buckle, but they do get given.

"I don't want penalties to be given when it would never be given in a million years in the middle of the pitch but they do get given and then our turn comes and we don't get a penalty and that's the reality of it."

Sean Dyche, Manager of Burnley confronts fourth official Anthony Taylor during the Premier League match between Burnley and Arsenal at Turf Moor on March 06, 2021 in Burnley, England.

He added: "There were two or three incidents. I said to the linesman, who was excellent on my side and I said 'that is a foul and because he doesn't go down and roll around you don't give a foul.'

"We are actually getting penalised for doing the right thing. Vyds doesn't go down slinging his arms, rolling around and screaming so he gets penalised for that."

The likes of Leicester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Brighton and Manchester City have had more spot kicks this term than Sean Dyche's side have had in 147 Premier League games.

Burnley have had just six penalties since the start of the 2017/18 campaign while only one of those have been awarded this season.

That was when Ashley Barnes was upended by Liverpool goalkeeper Allison as the Clarets kickstarted a run of six successive defeats for the champions at Anfield.

"You can look at our record," said Dyche. "The stats every year are the lowest by a mile in the Premier League year on year.

"A tap on the foot [on Vydra] goes missing and I think we play certain teams and certain players and if that tap on the foot is on a certain player then I bet you any money they get a penalty but we don't. Historically we don't and we didn't today.

"I don't know where the game is going. I am lost constantly with these things.

"I don't control it but I wish I did because I would get all that nonsense out of the game I can assure you."