Hargreaves a double winner in darts finals

D. HARGREAVES was a double winner in the Todmorden Mixed Darts League knockout finals which were played on March 13.

He won the B Division individual title after beating S. Schofield and, partnering B. Speight, also took the doubles crown.

S. Jones won the A Division individual title after beating J. Hook in the final.

In the pairs knockout the Speight/Hargreaves pairing beat S. Walker and D. Rez 3-0, while the scorelines in both individual finals were closer affairs, both singles title winners emerging after 3-2 victories.

Results - Pairs knockout: Semi-finals: P. Hallinan and S. VDR 0, D. Hargreaves and B. Speight 2; J. Hook and B. Maguire 0, S. Walker and D. Rez 2. Final: Speight and Hargreaves 3, Walker and Rez 0.

A Division indivdual knockout: Semi-finals: J. Hook (101 finish) 2, B. Maguire 0; M. Sawden 0, S. Jones (106 finish) 2. Final: J. Hook 2, S. Jones 3.

B Division individual knockout: Semi-finals: S. Schofield 2, M. Walters 0; Damo 0, D. Hargreaves (96 finish) 2. Final: S. Schofield 2, D. Hargreaves 3.

Attention now turns to the Charity Knockout first leg matches which will be played on March 27 (second legs to be played on April 3), which has been drawn as follows.

Cornholme Waggon v Shannon B; Hare and Hounds A v Royal George; British Legion v TWMSC; Shannon A v Weavers; York Tigers v Hare and Hounds B; Glen View, open date.