Hebden host chess championships

Twenty players gathered for the fifth and last round of the Calderdale Individual Chess Championships, hosted by Hebden Bridge Chess Club at the Trades Club, Holme Street, on Monday.

The contest for the top prizes depended on the results on the top two boards, where Mitchell Burke of Huddersfield and Hebden Bridge’s Darwin Ursal agreed a draw, while Pete Leonard, also of Hebden Bridge, beat off an attack from Robert Clegg of the Courier, to force a win.

This left Darwin Ursal with first prize on 4½/5, while Pete Leonard on 4/5 edged the second prize on a tie-break. Grading prizes went to M. Burke (4/5), A. Leatherbarrow (Hebden Bridge, 3½/5), M. Barnett (Belgrave, 3/5) and John Aldridge (Halifax, 2½/5)

The individual results were: M. Burke ½, D. Ursal ½; R. Clegg 0, P. Leonard 1; R. Sutcliffe ½, A. Leatherbarrow ½; J. Blinkhorn 1, J. Aldridge 0; A. Dawson 0, J. Morgan 1; M. Syrett 0, M. Barnett 1; D. Milton 0, A. Gonzalez 1; C. Velosa 1, T. Webster 0; S. Priest 1, J. Nicholson 0; B. Joyce ½; J. Nicholson ½.