Homing - at last the young birds get under way

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AFTER the cancellation of the previous week’s race through poor weather conditions the young bird racing season finally got under way at 8.15am last Saturday.

A total of 211 birds entered by 13 members of Luddenden Foot Homing Society were released at Stafford into a light north west wind.

One hour and 21 minutes later Geoff and Michael Wilson timed two in one second after a 64.5 mile flight to take the top two positions.

Gerry and Sam Marley took third place 30 seconds after the Wilsons and Mick Coulter who had four of the first nine home was fourth.

The race proved an excellent introduction for this year’s crop with most lofts reporting near 100 per cent returns.

This Saturday’s race is from Wollaston.

Stafford Result: 1, G Wilson & Son, 1403.779; 2, G Wilson & Son, 1403.490; 3, W G & S Marley, 1391; 4, M Coulter, 1384; 5, Poyser & Smith, 1377; 6, W G & S Marley, 1375; 7, M Coulter, 1370; 8, M Coulter, 1368.5; 9 M Coulter, 1368.2; 10, G Wilson & Son, 1358; 11, C B Shepherd, 1352; 12, C B Shepherd, 1351; 13, Poyser & Smith, 1347; 14, T Divers, 1343; 15, R Lee, 1342.

l TODMORDEN Homing Society’s young bird season also got started when just four members sent 121 birds to Stafford.

Liberated at 9am in no wind, the youngsters made light work of the 62-mile trip.

First to clock were Denis and Ryan Cullinane, flying to Halifax Road just 30 seconds in front of Kevin Thorp taking second and third.

Next week’s race is from Wollaston.

Result: 1, Cullinane and Son, 1469.84; 2, K. Thorp, 1456.12; 3, K. Thorp, 1454.84; 4, Cullinane and Son, 1450.00; 5, Cullinane and Son, 1448.72; 6, K. Thorp, 1446.58; 7, B. Sheard, 1423.36; 8, P. Emmet, 1365.47; 9, P. Emmet, 1342.44.