Homing: Fisher bird beats Flemings' to it

TWELVE members of Todmorden Homing Society had 174 pigeons at Cheltenham last Saturday.

Saturday, 26th June 2010, 2:19 pm

Liberated into a north wind, the run of hard races continued.

Two pigeons broke free of the field for a lead of two minutes. First to clock were Brian and Sandra Fisher, ahead of Damien and Bill Fleming who took second and third places.

Next week's race is from Messac.

Result: 1, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1295.74; 2, Fleming and Son, 1294.09; 3, Fleming and Son, 1278.95; 4, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1276.55; 5, Fleming and Son, 1272.75; 6, L. Brennan, 1270.66; 7, L. Brennan, 1269.55; 8, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1269.18; 9, L. Brennan, 1265.76; 10, K. Thorp, 1235.99.