Homing: Messac race results

STUART Grogan and Richard Lumb convincingly won by nine minutes the delayed Luddenden Foot Homing Society’s race from Messac in France last Sunday.

Their two-year old bird took seven hours and 57 minutes to fly the 407 miles in an east to south east wind and won almost everything to net the lads just over £50 in pool, nomination and pontoon prize money.

There was a three-way scramble for the place cards with Adrian and Rowan Leach getting the better of the Marleys and Brian Shepherd for the runners-up spot.

All were timed on eight hours and nine minutes but the Leach’s yearling had to fly a mile and a half further.

Gerry and Sam Marley had some compensation when they beat Poyser and Smith in the final of the latest knockout competition.

There was a gap of 20 minutes after the first four before Geoff and Michael Wilson timed for fifth and a further 22 minutes until Mick Coulter claimed sixth place.

This Saturday’s race is from Tewkesbury.

Messac result: 1, Grogan & Lumb, 1502; 2, Leach Brothers, 1475; 3, W G & S Marley, 1469; 4, C B Shepherd, 1465; 5, G Wilson & Son, 1411; 6, M Coulter, 1352; 7, Boland, Brown & Highley, 1343; 8, G Wilson & Son, 1317; 9, T Divers, 1314; 10, W G & S Marley, 1311; 11, C B Shepherd, 1303.8; 12, Mr & Mrs Hiam, 1303.4; 13, R Lee, 1299; 14, R Lee, 1289; 15, T Divers, 1286.

l TEN members of Todmorden Homing Society had 117 birds at Messac last weekend.

Liberated on Sunday after a one-day hold-over, a warm southerly breeze should have resulted in average speeds of up to one mile per minute.

However, there were reports of mist on the English Channel, which probably added half an hour to the journey time.

First to clcok, flying 408 miles in seven and three-quarter hours to Lydgate, were Brian and Sandra Fisher, closely followed by Damien and Bill Fleming, with Lee Brannan taking third.

Next week’s race is from Cheltenham.

Result: 1, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1545.59; 2, Fleming and Son, 1539.50; 3, L. Brennan, 1523.70; 4, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1495.97; 5, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1489.66; 6, Fleming and Son, 1487.72; 7, L. Brennan, 1477.66; 8, Cullinane and Son, 1477.29; 9, Fleming and Son, 1470.54; 10, L. Brennan, 1463.19; 11, Fleming and Son, 1457.84; 12, K. Thorp, 1433.99; 13, K. Thorp, 1433.65; 14, Mr and Mrs Gengler, 1428.65; 15, Winterbottom and Pomfret, 1402.58; 16, F. Hunter, 1367.26.