Homing race round-up

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Gerry and Sam Marley’s pigeons have really struck form with a vengeance and they took four of the first five places in Luddendenden Foot Homing Society’s race from Bath last Saturday.

Only Gerald Radley prevented a clean sweep by taking fourth place with a full brother to his Worcester winner of April 14.

A total of 182 birds entered by 15 members were released at 10am and the Marleys’ timed three yearling cocks within 71 seconds to take the top three positions.

The winner flew the 162 miles from Swainswick Farm in three hours and 37 minutes, in a North East wind, and had 11 seconds to spare over its loftmate.

Last week’s winner took the East Section pools of £19 for the lads in fifth and Adrian and Rowan Leach won £20 on the West side in eighth.

Results: 1, W G & S Marley, 1313; 2, W G & S Marley, 1312; 3, W G & S Marley, 1305; 4, G Radley, 1304; 5, W G & S Marley, 1284; 6, M Coulter, 1281; 7, Boland, Brown & Highley, 1279; 8, Leach Brothers, 1278; 9, Boland, Brown & Highley, 1275; 10, M Coulter, 1274;11, G Radley, 1273; 12, Boland, Brown & Highley, 1272; 13, Leach Brothers, 1269; 14, C E & C W Roberts, 1267; 15, C B Shepherd, 1263.

This Saturday’s race is from Portland.

l EIGHT members of Todmorden Homing Society had 188 birds at Swainswick for last Saturday’s race.

Liberated into a north east wind, though not one as strong as the previous week, it was enough to test the birds and speeds of 45 mph were expected.

Right on time, producing the first whitewash of the season was Kevin Thorp, flying 160 miles to Lydgate in three hours and 32 minutes, with two together and another 50 seconds later to take the first three positions.

Next week’s race is from Portland.

Result: 1, K. Thorp, 1324.57; 2, K. Thorp, 1324.26; 3, K. Thorp, 1319.70; 4, P. Williams, 1318.37; 5, K. Thorp, 1317.13; 6, P. Williams, 1315.34; 7, Cullinane and Son, 1312.55; 8, Cullinane and Son, 1307.96; 9, Fleming and Son, 1288.47; 10, Winterbottom and Pomfret, 1262.27; 11, Mr and Mrs Gengler, 1215.91; 12, F. Hunter, 1194.45.