Homing season gets under way

TEN Todmorden Homing Society members had 182 pigeons at Wollaston for the first race of the new bird season.

Liberated into a south east wind in bright sunshine, a fast race was expected.

First to clock with three birds together was P. Williams, flying 84 miles in 83 minutes, with another one minute behind to take fourth for a complete whitewash of the club result.

Next week’s race is from Kempsey.

Result: 1, P. Williams, 1792.06; 2, P. Williams, 1791.70; 3, P. Williams, 1790.98; 4, P. Williams, 1767.30; 5, K. Thorp, 1762.97; 6, L. Brennan, 1762.72; 7, L. Brennan, 1762.04; 8, Cullinane and Son, 1740.27; 9, Cullinane and Son, 1739.61; 10, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1736.08; 11, Fleming and Son, 1681.04; 12, Mr and Mrs Gengler, 1674.81; 13, B. Sheard, 1653.89; 14, F. Hunter, 1619.18; 15, Walker and Horsfall, 1616.72.

Gerry and Sam Marley repeated their 2010 Luddenden Foot Homing Society opening race performance by having the first two home from Wollaston last Saturday.

This time however the 2010 runner-up, which won the club races from Windrush and Cheltenham last season, went one better and took the top position.

A glorious sunny day heralded the new season and 282 birds entered by 16 members were set free at 9am in the absence of any discernible wind.

One hour and 35 minutes later the Marleys timed two birds in two seconds for a decisive win.

Leach Brothers of Shackleton Hill, Hebden Bridge, were third a minute later. Boland, Brown and Highley’s multiple race winning fouryear-old cock was fourth.

Next Saturday’s race is from Kempsey.

Result: 1, W G & S Marley, 1647.6; 2, W G & S Marley, 1647.1; 3, Leach Brothers, 1629; 4, Boland, Brown & Highley, 1613; 5, W Lawson, 1610; 6, C B Shepherd, 1608; 7, M Coulter, 1606; 8, Mr & Mrs Hiam, 1605; 9, R Lee, 1601; 10, Leach Brothers, 1598.