It was a season of mixed fortunes for riding club

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PENNINE Riding Club completed another full season of events for 2011 but with mixed fortunes.

The club held its usual points shows up at the showground at Sourhall in May, June and August but unfortunately attendance for these shows was poor, due to the heavy rain.

A well attended Easter show was held at Croft Top indoor arena in April and there was also a good dressage event at Crow Wood equestrian centre in September.

The usual summer horse camp was held at Somerford Park in July and attended by 33 members and their families. It was the highlight of the year and as well as lessons in flat work, jumping and cross country, there were fun events in the evening. The event will be held again at Somerford Park this year.

The presentation evening was held in November and trophies and rosettes were awarded to points champions of the season.

The season finished with a Christmas show at Croft Top at the beginning of December. It included a Christmas riding hat competition and gymkhanas, alongside the usual riding and in hand classes. The Christmas rosettes proved very popular.

The club is holding its annual meeting on January 25 at 7pm at the Shepherds Rest, Lumbutts, Todmorden. It is considering a major change to the usual programme of events and would welcome members or past members, to come and give their ideas of events they would like in 2012 and their opinions as to the future of the club.

Look at the webbsite for further details or contact a committee member.


In Hand - Youngstock - 1, Emma Topham; Arabs, part bred and ango - 1, Emma Topham; Mountain and moorland large breeds - 1, Angela Norris; Mountain and moorland small breeds - 1 Ashlee Topham, 2, Rebecca Bellis, 3, Jessica Baxendale; Veteran, 15 years and over - 1, Rebecca Bellis, 2, Jessica Baxendale, 3, Emily Gavaghan; Best condition pony 14.2 and under - 1, Rebecca Bellis, 2, Emma Topham, 3, Angela Norris, 4, Emily Gavaghan; Best condition horse 14.2 and over - 1, Karen Kilburn, 2, Suzanne Winfield; Open showing under 14.2 - 1, Emma Topham; Junior handler over 8 years - 1, Ashlee Topham, 2, Jessica Baxendale; Young handler under 8 years - 1, Sophie Baxendale.

Ridden Showing - Tack and turn out - 1, Jessica Baxendall, 2, Amy Smith, 3, Sophie Baxendall, 4, Sophie Wade; Ridden coloured and spotted palomino - 1, Olivia Winfield, 2, Toni Osbourne; Ridden arab, pure, part bred and ango - 1, Nicola Lord, 2, Lizzy Ogden; Ridden hunter over 15 hh - 1, Lisa Milward, 2, Jacquie White, 3, Alice Waddington, 4, Abby Sharpehouse; Ridden hunter under 15 hands - 1, Lizzy Ogden, 2, Alice Ogden; Horse or pony of cob type - 1, Suzanne Winfield, 2, Toni Osbourne; Ridden veteran - 1, Nicola Lord, 2, Jessica Baxendall, 3, Lizzy Ogden; Ridden showing under 14.2 - 1, Lizzy Ogden, 2, Olivia Winfield, 3, Alice Ogden; Mountain and moorland large breeds - 1, Nicola Lord; Mountain and moorland small breeds - 1, Jessica Baxendall, 2, Sophie Baxendall.

Equitation and Working Hunter - Novice equitation - 1, Alice Ogden, 2, Suzanne Winfield; Lead rein equitation - 1, Amy Smith, 2, Sophie Baxendall, 3, Emily Gavaghan, 4, Sophie Wade; First ridden - 1, Jessica Baxendall, 2, Olivia Winfield, 3, Toni Osbourne, 4, Alice Ogden; Junior equitation - 1, Olivia Winfield; Senior equitation - 1, Nicola Lord, 2, Jacquie White; Riding club horse - 1, Toni Osbourne, 2, Alice Waddington, 3, Jacquie White; Riding club pony - 1, Alice Ogden; Novice working hunter - 1, Alice Waddington, 2, Jacquie White; M&M working hunter - 1, Joanne Ashton; Open working hunters 14.2hh and over - 1, Joanne Ashton; Handy equine - 1, Olivia Winfield, 2, Simone Clayton, 3, Toni Osbourne.

In Hand Champion: Emma Topham (ZK Valentino).

Junior Ridden Champion: Olivia Winfield (Custard Cream).

Senior Ridden Champion: Nicola Lord (Ben Sulaman).

Dressage Junior Champion: Olivia Winfield (Custard Cream).

Dressage Senior Champion: Helen Naylor (Ewan).