Kickboxing: Tod's Peter is British champion

TODMORDEN kickboxer Peter Newbury has become British champion after a triple fight success.

Friday, 24th September 2010, 7:36 pm

After initially struggling to make the weight for the European Martial Arts Association British Championships he started off well and got better, claiming victories in three bouts.

Peter, who works as a doorman at the Royal George, Todmorden, said: "I'm absolutely delighted.

"Now I just can't wait to become world champion."

Peter is a member of the Mavericks club based in Halifax, and his next major outing will take him and the club's team to Italy to represent England in the WTKA World Championships.

His first of three fights to win the British title was probably the hardest against a former British champion.

He looked out-gunned at the ouset but settled and started scoring clean shots pushing his opponent back with a flurry of boxing.

The tide turned and Peter started to work side kicks to the body of his opponent pushing him back and landing clean hand techniques.

Peter was visibly in control and out scoring his opponent by a wide margin and then came out tops in a split decision.

He was on top right from the start with an impressive range of combinations and footwork.

It showed how much he has improved over the past months and the final bell saw victory by majority decision.

In his third and decisive fightPeter's opponent took the fight to him.

Peter's extensive kicking came into play keeping his opponent at distance and and allowing him to score at will.

He particularly out-scored his opponent for the last 30 seconds with an amazing flurry on boxing to finish.

The final bell saw Peter declared the new British champion by a unanimous decision.

It was a successful outing for Peter's Club, Mavericks, with a number of youngsters claiming titles and medals.