Ladies’ netball results

IN the latest series of games in the Todmorden Netball League, a Jammys team on top form easily beat Rangers 22 - 10.

The first goal was a long time coming, but after the ice was broken goals started to come thick and fast.

Rangers began the second half brightly but could not defend against some remarkable play by an in-form Jammys team.

Windies put in a good team performance to beat Jacks 17 - 7. It started evenly, but then Windies passing was spot on and with tough defence, they worked the ball into the circle.

Bears started to gel a bit more but their passing let them down and they were beaten 22 - 10 by Panthers.

Lions could not raise a team and had to forfeit the game against Terriers and Giants had a bye.

Previous results were: Giants 13, Jacks 7; Panthers 24, Terriers 24; Rangers 25, Bears 4; Windies 14, Jammys 23.

Lions had a bye.