Ferney Lee produce all the right moves

The winning Ferney Lee team
The winning Ferney Lee team

Year two children from all seven primary schools in Todmorden took part in the annual Mini-Olympic style competition at Todmorden Sports Centre last Thursday.

More than 200 children took part and events included speed bounce, agility run, quoit balance and hurdles. Ferney Lee won from St Josephs and Walsden.

School Sports Coordinator Ben Sutcliffe said the children had enjoyed the event.

“The aims of multi-skills is to help young people master the essential techniques of movement, from stability to rhythm and from acceleration to jumping and kicking, in a fun and practical way.”

Result: 1, Ferney Lee; 2, St Josephs; 3, Walsden; 4, Castle Hill; 5, Shade; 6, Todmorden CE; 7. Cornholme.