Hatty Nylan to make history as Bridge’s first female fighter

George Standring
George Standring

Hatty Nylan will make a little bit of history tomorrow evening as Hebden Bridge Boxing Club’s first female to take to the ring.

The 24-year-old from Todmorden will be facing an opponent from Grimsby Boxing Academy at 57kg on that club’s show at Cleethorpes.

Hebden’s Clayton Varey said: “Hatty is our first female boxer so it is a bit different.

“She has been training with us for 12 months and is a nice, stylish boxer and very fit.” The club’s 12-year-old George Standring will fight for a county junior title at Havercroft Sports Centre, Wakefield on Sunday.

The youngster from Luddenden village, who has won four of his six fights, will be taking on an unbeaten opponent from from Brodsworth BC, Doncaster in the 48 to 50kg division.