Lions pounce at Liversedge Half Marathon

Northowram Pumas at the Liversedge half Marathjon
Northowram Pumas at the Liversedge half Marathjon

STAINLAND Lions bagged plenty of prizes at Sunday’s Liversedge Half Marathon and Queensbury RC, Halifax Harriers and Northowram Pumas also had finishers in the top 20 of a 469-strong field.

The course is considered by many to be quite tough, but the total climb is no worse than many other local races.

However, there is a bone shaking steep descent into Bailiff Bridge, then a flat section on Bradford Road as the race progresses towards Brighouse, before the climb up through Clifton to Hartshead and the finish at Roberttown.

Darren Reece and Gavin Foster led the Stainland charge in seventh and eighth places behind winner Joe Sagar from Spenborough AC in 1:10:49.

Reece and Foster helped Lions secure the men’s team prize alongside Darren Young in 23rd.

Reece was first M40 and Young first M50 with clubmate Derek Parrington second. John Bassinder was first M65 and Jan King third.

Paul Greenwood (ninth) and and Gary Rowling (14th) spearheaded a 15-strong Queensbury challenge.

Halifax Harriers had nine runners and Peter Clegg was first back in 13th position. Andy Wiggins (third M45) and Will Stewart came in close together and April Caufield was the fifth lady home.

Tim Brook led the Pumas challenge in 17th.

They had 11 competitors and a couple of Sowerby Bridge Snails, Rob Hick and Lucie Fenton, also took part.

Fenton said: “While the weather was pleasant it was a hard run but I’ll be back for the silver jubilee run next year.”

Stainland Lions times: Darren Reece 1:19:38, Gavin Foster 1:20:53, Darren Young 1:26:31, Derek Parrington 1:27:15, Clayton Cutter 1:36:37, John Bassinder 1:47:27, Paul Corns 1:48:09, Richard Dunn 1:48:48, Jan King 1:50:55, Tim Walker 1:56:04, Michelle Eyre 2:02:44, Paula Pickersgill 2:09:36, Gail Schofield 2:12:08, Zoe Mallinson 2:12:20, Jenny Walker 2:17:16, Debbie Hyde 2:24:43, Alex Whyte 2:27:22, Mel Shaw 2:27:22, Melissa Vincent 2:35:51.

Queensbury results: 9, Paul Greenwood 1.21.37; 14, Gary Rowling 1.25.16; 44, Carl Heron 1.30.09; 51, Martin Firth 1.31.20; 71, Andy Dovernor 1.33.16; 75, Simon Brady 1.33.48; 139, Richard Brook 1.43.34; 180, Jo Lockwood 1.48.15; 204, Leanne Alson 1.50.21; 207, Julie Hepworth 1.50.40; 218, Philip Lickley 1.51.29; 283, Jo Fortune 1.59.11; 356, Gillian Jago 2.09.09; 387, Glenn Thornton 2.13.34; 419, Mike Peel 2.18.10.

Halifax Harriers times: Peter Clegg 1:24:43, Andy Wiggins 1:27:16, Will Stewart 1:27:25, James O’Rourke 1:30:43, David Ingle 1:31:22, April Caufield 1:32:29, Simon Lea 1:42:45, Nigel Taylor 1:50:00, Margaret Deacon 1:57:30.

Northowram Pumas results: 17, Tim Brook 1:25:51; Jude Roberts 1:32:47; Andy Sales 1:38:52; Matt Newton 1:42:04; Shaun Casey 1:44:22; Diane Cooper 1:45:03; Kirsty Edwards 1:47:27; Andrew Mellor 1:47:34; Andy Flynn 1:55:18; Dawn Higgins 2:03:44; Helen Charles 2:17:13.

Sowerby Bridge Snails results: 356, Rob Hick 2:09:01; 433, Lucie Fenton 2:20:22.

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