Local quartets hoping to come up to scratch

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Todmorden and Hebden Bridge chase Halifax-Huddersfield Union glory at Saddleworth GC on Sunday.

They will be competing in the Scratch Team Championship and while last year’s top two Bradley Hall and Huddersfield will be more fancied, both will be confident of a bold showing.

Todmorden are without Mark Birkett but still field a strong quartet of Dave Stafford, Frank Greaves, Michael Murray and Chris Thornsby.

Bridge go into the event as Second Division champions, an event they won at Tod’s Rive Rocks course recently.

Iain and Mark Powell, George Bamford and Rob Smillie are their four players.

Start times: 7.30 & 12.30, C Rudd RYB, S Minto HH, Jarrad Hazelden O; 7.40 & 12.40, A J Kershaw RYB, P Ratcliffe HH, John Lawton O; 7.50 & 12.50, James Burton RYB, A Webster HH, Bryn A Jenkinson O; 8.00 & 13.00, Saul Whiteley RYB, S Wilcock HH, Steven Beeby O; 8.10 & 13.10, T Goodair WH, Ben Adamson CN, Iain R Powell HB; 8.20 & 13.20, Alex Malins WH, Nathan Scott CN, George Bamford HB; 8.30, George Brady WH, Isaac Nicholl CN, Mark Powell HB 13.30; 8.40 and 13.40, S Hooley WH, Jacob Campbell CN, Rob Smillie HB; 8.50 & 13.50, R E Hunt ME, J Smith HX, S A Martin WE; 9.00 & 14.00, C Mear ME, D Davison HX, C Ingham WE; 9.10 & 14.10, A J Battye ME, John Jennings HX, S J Horrocks WE; 9.20 & 14.20, J D Fish ME, M Crouch HX, I Marsland WE; 9.30 & 14.30, L T Pilkington CH, David Stafford T, M J Colcombe DD; 9.40 & 14.40, T Garrett CH, Frank Greaves T, James Ward DD; 9.50 & 14.50, L Edmonds CH, M Murray T, Daniel Hartley DD; 10.00 & 15.00, A Wilford CH, Chris Thornsby T, Benjamin Crowther DD; 10.10 & 15.10, Stephen Pullen S, A C Shaw HBH, Aaron Schnacke HU; 10.20 & 15.20, Marcus Wray S , A P C Hare HBH, Richard Broadley HU; 10.30 & 15.30, Nick Marner S, James Fairhurst HBH, Brad Tupman HU ; 10.40, Dave Pullen S, C Lander HBH, Charles Webb HU 15.40.