Netball: Tornadoes reach for the stars as Windies blow Old Town away

Tod Rockets
Tod Rockets

Tod Tornadoes were edged out 10-8 at home to fellow ‘newbys’ Goldstars.

It was a close game with Megan Gledhill’s and Alison Parker’s defensive work very much to the fore. But it was the work of centre Anne-Marie Pearson and Dee Irvine who pushed Goldstars towards their second successive win.

The game could have gone either way – Tornadoes had some excellent link up in mid-court but Goldstars just pipped them to the post to steal the win.

Jammies overran New Delight 18-2 in an entertaining fiendly.

New Delight made the hosts work hard for the win though. New Delight defenders also worked hard and managed to keep the shooters from converting every goal.

Super-fast Windies blew Old Town away, 20-7.

The shooting was spot on as Windies came out determined to take the points this week.

The attack was backed up by excellent defending by Hazel Stobbs and Debbie Lord.

Giants were happy with their overall game but had to settle for a 14-17 reverse at the hands of Tod Terriers. Nicola Valerio and Kirsty Lapish were in great form defensively.

Lions had a good first half but eventually lost out to Borough Bears 14-21.


Tod Rockets are back from representing the UK at a tournament in Barcelona, Spain, where they lost only one game, finished a respectable second and collected £300 of netball vouchers . Rockets have been an established team for around a year now and finished second in their first season in the Halifax League. The team is self-funded and is currently raising money to return to Spain after being invited back. Potential sponsors should contact either Joanne Shine or Kelly Owen by emailing