Players line up for singles knockouts

WITH the winter league season reaching completion, Todmorden darts players will be looking forward to competing the in the knockout competitions, the first of which - the singles knockout - begins on Tuesday, February 28.

Scratch time for the singles knockout is 8.15pm with matches to get under way at 8.30pm and players should attend at the following venues.

A Division singles - at Weavers (league rep J. Hook): T. Hamer, P. Hartley, J. Hook, V. Parker, Carl Earnshaw, S. Hinde, S. Parkinson, N. Sinclair, B. Turner, L. Gill and J. Halley.

At Royal George (league rep B. Speight): C. Fenton, R. Kaye, N. Jennings, B. Maguire, B. Speight, T. Gill, C. Dibb, A. Colclough, T. Cameron, B. Sutcliffe and Simon Gulsaker.

At Rope and Anchor (league rep R. Ogilvie): T. Durham, P. Chadwick, R. Ogilvie, S. Jones, J. Dibb, M. Cook, T. Hartley, S. Lindsay, B. Silvester and Bob Wilkinson.

At Glen View (league rep J. Irvine): Stu Townend; C. Nelmes, M. Sawden, Mark Price, S. Cameron, Stef Godsman, Stu Irving, P. Maguire, M. Staroszczuk, J. Irvine and J. Link.

B Division singles - at Shannon (league rep D. Eaton): T. Hughes, D. Rez, P. Eaton, M. Brown, S. Stansfield, A. Wright, D. Eaton, S. Schofield, L. Welles, B. Young.

At Cornholme Waggon (league rep C. Inman): J. Stobbs, Sam VDR, T. Emmitt, C. Inman, P. Hallinan, G. Birch, M. Walters, T. Gledhill, S. Walker and Dan Garbutt.

At TWMSC (league rep D. Hargreaves): A. Hammond, S. Tyzzer, Dave Garbutt, B. Birch, D. Hargreaves, S. Outram, J. Eaton, Dan VDR, J. Priestley and K. Owen.

At British Legion (league rep L. Earnshaw): J. Ross, J. Shcofield, T. Hartley, D. Healey, C. Widdup, N. Widdup, A. Cameron, D. Brown, L. Earnshaw, D. Mulhearn.