Tod will get chance to avenge Townley loss

The badminton competitors
The badminton competitors

Todmorden were beaten 334-283 overall after the return leg of their “Alan’s Ashes” challenge match away to Townley.

The format involved three men and three women so Tod sent Alan Shaw, Mike Kaye, Matthew Shackleton, Sandra Simpson, Kathy Wilde and Sue King. Feathered shuttles were in use.

It was a 1-1 after the opening matches with Kaye and Shackleton losing in straight sets but Simpson and King notching a quick win.

The second men’s match, involving Shaw and Shackleton, ended in an 11-21,11-21 defeat but again the women came to the rescue with a 21-9, 21-19 win for King and Wilde.

Kaye and Simpson drew the first mixed match 1-1 but Shaw and Wilde lost 13-21, 14-21 and Shackleton and King 10-21, 18-21 as the scales tipped Townley’s way.

Kaye and Simpson then lost 6-21 and 13-21 and Wilde and Shaw went down 14-21, 19-21 in the finale.

After a promising start, Tod had unravelled but the event was a success and will become an annual contest.