Netball league round-up - Twisters kept under control

JAMMIES were dominant in their game against Twisters in the latest series of matches in the Todmorden Netball League.

Twisters won first centre pass in a fast game but Jammies kept possession very well, defending the ball and sending it back to the shooters for fast goal scoring.

They ran out 25 - 4 winners after sloppy play by Twisters allowed them to continue to score.

Twisters were without one of their regular players but coped really well against a dominant Jammies.

While they showed signs of previous form, it was too late in the game.

Terriers only had five players against a full strength Giants, but fantastic defending by Karen Brough ensured Giants could not get the ball into the net.

It was fast paced with end to end action but Terriers ran away with it 16 - 11, leaving Giants a shattered team.

It was a close game from the start between Lions and Bears, but some good passing saw the Bears take the lead.

Some amazing shooting from Lions helped them regain a few goals but they never managed to catch up and went down 18 - 13.

Rangers and Pink Panthers put in a really well fought match, with both obviously wanting to win.

Good defence from both teams ensured an even score with good interceptions and on point shooting and in the end neither side was able to come out on top and had to settle for a 18 - 18 drawn game.

Windies had a bye.