Pigeon racing - the Tewkesbury results

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Luddenden Foot Homing Society president Kevin Brearley, won last Saturday’s rearranged Tewkesbury race by a clear 10 minutes, which with only 121 miles to fly and some stiff competition, takes some doing.

Normally these races are won by the odd yard per minute. This was the case with the second and third where only three tenths of a yard per minute meant that Geoff and Michael Wilson prevailed over Mick Coulter’s Wollaston winner, which still won him £23 pool money.

In a welcome return to form Wally Lawson took the final prize card and fifth as well.

Keith and Dave Tattersall won £13 West Section pools further down the result.

Kevin’s bird returned home in three hours and seven minutes.

Mist, which prevented the planned release at Cheltenham Racecourse, rain in the Midlands and a North Easterly wind meant another very testing day for the 160 birds entered by 17 members and resulted in some empty perches at nightfall.

The first 40 home covered a period of nearly one and a half hours.

Result: 1, K Brearley, 1133; 2, G Wilson and Son, 1079.6; 3, M Coulter, 1079.3; 4, W Lawson, 1062; 5, W Lawson, 1061; 6, Grogan and Lumb, 1059; 7, Leach Brothers, 1054.9; 8, Leach Brothers, 1054.4; 9, G Wilson & Son, 1039; 10, C E & C W Roberts, 1029; 11, G Wilson & Son, 1027; 12, W G & S Marley, 1020; 13, W Lawson, 997; 14, C E & C W Roberts, 989; 15, G Radley, 980.

This Saturday is the first cross-channel race of the season from Carentan in France.

l NINE members of Todmorden Homing Society had 177 birds at Cheltenham last Saturday but due to persistent hill mist surrounding the racecourse site the birds were moved five miles down the road to Tewkesbury where they were released into a light, variable wind turning fresh north easterly at the home end.

First to clock was Phil Williams, flying 117 miles in two hours and 44 minutes, followed closely by Damien and Bill Fleming with Kevin Thorp in third.

Next week’s race is flown from Carentan with the Lancashire Combine.

Result: 1, P. Williams 1251.05; 2, Fleming and Son, 1247.54; 3, K. Thorp, 1214.71; 4, Fleming and Son, 1183.17; 5, P. Williams, 1182.16; 6, Cullinane and Son, 1172.23; 7, Cullinane and Son, 1171.90; 8, K. Thorp, 1161.22; 9, K. Thorp, 1159.20; 10, Mr and Mrs Fisher, 1113.68; 11, B. Sheard, 1004.10; 12, F. Hunter, 906.51; 13, Mr and Mrs Gengler, 819.47; 14, P. Emmet, 717.68.