Placings for each bow type in archers’ round

WHITE Rose Archers held their York/Hereford round tournament on Sunday.

There is no handicap for the competition so there were placings and medals for each bow type.

The round consists of 12 dozen arrows, six dozen at 100/80 yards, four dozen at 80/60 yards and the remainder at 60/50 yards. The men shoot the York and the women the Hereford.

Results - York, Recurve: 1, Ian Reynolds; 2, Richard Hudson; 3, David Bloomer.

Compound: Nick Crowther.

Longbow: 1, Stuart Graham; 2, Grayde Bowen.

Hereford, Recurve: Sheila Hudson.

Longbow: 1, Ann Shooter; 2, Juli-Anne Thomas.

Junior, Recurve: Jordan Birks

Best gold: senior, Nick Crowther; junior, Jordan Birks. Worst white, Harold Middleton.

The group’s annual longbow shoot is at Walsden Cricket and Bowling club on October 1.