Points dropped by hit-and-miss Jacks

Joe Whitham (Woodhouse United)
Joe Whitham (Woodhouse United)

Jack’s House 4

Prestwich Town 4

Rochdale Alliance League Division One

Two more points thrown away was manager David Williams opinion on a hit and miss display from Jacks.

Prestwich came to Walsden fired up for this encounter unfortunately one or two Jacks players looked like they would rather be somewhere else.

The first quarter was a case of Jacks having the chances and Prestwich having the possession.

After 20 minutes the visitors took a surprise lead when a ball was not cleared by the Jacks defence and a grateful Prestwich player tucked it home.

This fired Jacks into some sort of action bagging three goals in 15 minutes - a calmly taken Mathew Town penalty, a cracking long distance effort from man of the match Brandon Shaw and a nice finish from Sutcliffe.

With minutes to go to the break Jacks were in control but when a solid five minutes was needed Jacks switched off and Prestwich scored a goal from nothing right on the stroke of half-time.

Danny Brown came on for Adam Causton and Jake Goldie for Daniel Lively.

Again at the start of the half though, Jacks switched off and within five minutes Prestwich had equalised.

Finally this ignited Jacks and they started passing the ball and working together as a team and for 35 minutes peppered the Prestwich goal with numerous near misses

With five minutes to go it looked like Jacks pressure was going to count for nothing until captain Chris Barker stormed through from the back to fire the ball in for what should have been been the winner.

But once again Jacks switched off and when Prestwich thumped a hopeful free kick forward with seconds to go, a desperate shot come lob from a Prestwich player dropped into the Jacks net.

Manager Williams said afterwards: “We made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes today and to concede four goals from a team who only created four chances is frustrating.

“Some of the lads gave everything and some went awol.

“We’ve had words and I’m confident of a big response next week,” he said.