Pool draw

THE draw for the second round of the men’s singles in the Todmorden Pool League has taken place.

The games to be played on Wednesday July 27, at 8.30 (the best of three frames) at the venues listed below .

At Rope & Anchor: J Staroszczuk (Shannon) or C Lawless (Shannon) v T Egan (Walsden Waggon).

At Todmorden CC: A Dennet (Shannon) v E McPheely (Weavers).

At Walsden Waggon: J Gill (Weavers) v M Schofield (Shannon) or M Pitt (Shannon).

At Shannon: D Howley (Shannon) v K Lee (Shannon).

At Woodpecker: D Pickering (Catholic Club) v L Standfield (Walsden Waggon).

At Cornholme Waggon: L Colclough (Shannon) v J Schofield (Golden Lion).

At Golden Lion: N Bowe (Walsden Waggon) v J Robertson (Tod CC).

At Weavers: S Duckworth (Walsden Waggon) v A Micallef (Shannon) or J Bentley (Rope & Anchor).

All winners should text the results to 0785 2984488 on the night.

Dates for the finals for the team knockouts and the Plate competitions will be announced shortly as will fixtures or the late starting summer league.