Pool knockout draws

THE semi-final draw for this year’s team knockout in the Todmorden Pool League is: Shannon “A” v Shannon “B”, Woodpecker “B” v Weavers “A”. The team named first is at home first leg.

The quarter final draw for the Plate competition is: Cornholme Waggon v Walsden CBC, Todmorden CC v Woodpecker A, Hare & Hounds v Catholic Club, Todmorden WMSC v Walsden Waggon “B”.

The games are due to be played on Monday July 4 and Monday July 11.

The draw for the first round of the men’s doubles has been made. Games are to be played on Wednesday July 5 at 8.30 pm, best of three frames. Winners should text the result to 08752984488 on the night.

The draw is - at the Rope & Anchor: M Durkin (Snr)/T Deakin (Golden Lion) v A Dennet/O Wood (Shannon), A Hammond/Partner (Hare & Hounds) v J Robertson/C Barker (Tod CC)

At the Golden Lion: B Fleming/A Simpler (Woodpecker) v R Gell/A Micallef (Shannon), D Wademan/T Haynes (Catholic Club) v S Newbold/M Newbold (Tod WMSC).

At the Walsden Waggon: T Egan/A Crampton (Walsden Waggon) v S Duckworth/N Bowe (Walsden Waggon), E McPheely/D Boyer (Weavers) v J Schofield/M Schofield (Golden Lion).

At Weavers: K Lee/M Sawyer (Shannon) v H Duxbury/L Butterworth (Woodpecker).

At Hare & Hounds: J Gill/R Law (Weavers) v S Riding/D Riding (Catholic Club).

At Todmorden CC: B Furness/B Parker (Woodpecker) v S Tattersall/J Bently (Rope & Anchor), D Wilkinson/M Durkin (Jnr) (Golden Lion) v K Helliwell/A Calvert (Weavers)

At Woodpecker: D Gavaghan/J Wareing (Shannon) v D Guilford/L Standfield (Walsden Waggon), M Pitt/L Colclough (Shannon) v P Pointon/A Crampton (Walsden Waggon).

At Shannon : H Duxberry/S Perry (Woodpecker) v D Pickering/M Holmes (Catholic Club), J Foulds/J Stobbs (Tod CC) v J Payne/S Harding (Rope & Anchor).

L McInnes/M Greenwood (Hare & Hounds) & J Staroszczuk/C Lawless (Shannon), have a bye into the next round.