Rez notches up darts maximum

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S. Rez of Royal George A notched up the only Todmorden Mixed Darts Winter League checkout of the night in the A Division.

The division’s best finish came from A. Wright, also of George A (100).

Weavers’ S. Tyzzer had the best B Division finish of the evening (82).

Shannon A have max points to lead the A Division, while just one defeat means Cornholme Waggon top the B Division.


A Division: British Legion 4, TWMSC 17; Royal George A 9, York Hotel A 12.

B Division: Rope A 16, Rope B 5; Glen View B 7, Cornholme Waggon 14; York Tigers 8, Hare and Hounds 13; Weavers 13, Royal George B 8.

Fixtures for March 8

A Division: Shannon B v TWMSC; York Hotel A, open date; Royal George A v Shannon A; British Legion, open date.

B Division: Weavers v Rope and Anchor B; Cornholme Waggon v Royal George B; Glen View B v Hare and Hounds; Rope and Anchor A v York Tigers.