Tod make it tough but Hebden win chess derby

HEBDEN Bridge Chess Club’s two second division teams were both in action on Monday with contrasting results.

The C team, featuring their regular line-up, were playing away against Todmorden C.

Despite an early win by Neil Bamford on board 5, they made hard work of defeating their opponents by a score of 3½-1½.

The match hinged on the game on board 3, between Graham Bowker and Hebden captain John Kerrane, which looked to be heading for a draw, when Bowker made an error which led to an unassailable position for his opponent. His resignation sealed the result.

The individual results were: T. Webster 1, T. Sullivan 0; D. Milton ½, J. Blinkhorn ½; G. Bowker 0, J. Kerrane 1; R. Pratt 0, S. Priest 1; W. Joyce 0, N. Bamford 1.

The D team minnows faced a much tougher task facing the second division sharks, Halifax A, at home.

Despite a promising opening by Chris Greaves on board 1 against Carlos Velosa, graded more than 50 points higher, and good defensive play on all boards, the greater experience of the visitors was too much for the Hebden training team, and they went down 5-0 in the end.

The individual results were: C. Greaves 0, C. Velosa 1; T. Wilton-Davies 0, P. Moss 1; T. Whelan 0, R. Cully 1; D. Crampton 0, A. Dawson 1; S. Leatherbarrow 0, H. Wood 1.