Todmorden and Hebden Bridge pool results and dates

Latest results in the Todmorden Winter Pool League are - A Division: Weavers A 5 , Weavers B 2; Woodpecker A v Rope & Anchor A, no result; Walsden Waggon A 0, Woodpecker B 7; Shannon, open date.

B Division: Golden Lion 0 , Royal George 7; Catholic Club 4, Todmorden WMSC 3; Rope & Anchor B 3, Walsden Waggon B 4; Hare & Hounds, open date.

Fixtures for next week - A Division: Rope & Anchor A v Weavers A, Shannon v Woodpecker A, Weavers B v Walsden Waggon A, Woodpecker B, open date.

B Division: Todmorden WMSC v Golden Lion, Walsden Waggon B v Catholic Club, Hare & Hounds v Rope & Anchor B, Royal George, open date.

HEBDEN Royd Pool League fixtures for February 22 - Knockout Cup: at B @ R Place, 8pm, White Lion v Mytholmroyd WMC; at Sports & Social, 8pm, B @ R Place v Robin Hood A; at Weavers, 8pm, Luddenden Foot BC v Sports & Social; at White Lion, 8pm, Shannon & Chesapeake v Robin B.

Landlords’ Trophy: at the Trades Club, 8pm, Albert Hotel v Old Brandy Wine.