Todmorden bowls - latest results

RESULTS in the latest series of matches in the Todmorden Bowls League were:

Veterans League - A Division: Wardle A 6, Bacup Park A 4.5; Ladybarn A 8, Catholic Club A 1.5; Bacup Park B 8, Hare Hill A 1.5; Catholic Club B 1, New Street B 10.5; New Street A 8, Walsden A 1.5.

B Division: Walsden B 8, Healey A 1.5; Healey B 7, Ladybarn B 3; Hare Hill B 7, Rugby Road 3; Kirkholt A 7, Wardle B 3.

Fixtures for Monday July 25 - A Division: Lanctan v Bacup Park A, Wardle A v Catholic Club A, New Street B v Hare Hill A, Ladybarn A v New Street A, Catholic Club B v Walsden A.

B Division: Kirkholt A v Healey A, Healey B v Kirkholt B, Walsden B v Rugby Road, Rose & Crown v Wardle B.

Fixtures for Tuesday July 26 - A Division: Hare Hill v Wardle B, Wardle A v New Street, Walsden B v Rose & Crown A.

B Division: Catholic Club B v Hollins B, Hollins A v Catholic Club A, Rose & Crown B v Walsden C.

Pre-paid entry nominations are overdue, could clubs who have not yet done so should nominate them as soon as possible.

Entries over and above these are still being accepted for the Individual League Handicap but need to be in the hands of the fixture secretary as soon as possible.

The competition takes place on Sunday July 31 at Todmorden Park starting at 11am, but entires can be accpeted up to the start of the competition.

There is to be a meeting of delegates in the pavilion at Hare Hill Park on Thursday July 28 at 10.30am.