Todmorden darts season finale - and KO draws

THERE was some good scoring and finishing in the final round of Todmorden Mixed Darts Winter League matches.

The title had already been settled before the final night, with Royal George taking the B Division title undefeated through the season and Glen View and Hare and Hounds A tied on 14 points in the runners-up positions.

In the A Division, Shannon A took the title, although a league ruling meant they ended with two losses over the campaign - in winning 12-9 at York Hotel, Shannon A only fielded five players and according to rule nine the result had to be awarded to the York.

Highest checkouts in the A Division came from R. Ogilvie (TWMSC, 100), B. Speight (TWMSC, 108) and J. Halley (Shannon A, 116) and there was a maximum 180 from Shannon B’s A. Colclough.

The season’s best top finish came in the January 20 matches - B. Maguire’s 152 for TWMSC. Through the 2011-2012 season, Shannon A’s C. Nelmes hit the most 180s, with three of them.

In the B Division the best checkout of the night was J. Priestley’s 148 for Royal George, while Rope and Anchor’s D. Hargreaves hit a 180 maximum.

The division’s best highest checkout was J. Priestley’s final night 148 while D. Hargreaves also hit the most 180s over the season, four in total.


A Division: TWMSC 13, York Hotel A 8; Shannon A 13, Shannon B 8; Hare and Hounds B 8, Cornholme Waggon 13. B Division: Glen View 5, Royal George 16; York Tigers 8, Weavers Arms 13; British Legion 11, Rope and Anchor 10.

l THE league’s pairs knockout matches are played on March 6 (scratch time of 8.15pm and start time of 8.30pm) where players should attend venues as follows.

At TWMSC (league rep R. Ogilvie): S. Parkinson and R. Kaye; Sa, VDR and P. Hallinan; C. Inman and S. Tyzzer; S. Hinde and P. Hartley; A. Hammond and S. Ross; T. Emmitt and L. Wells; Stu Townend and T. Durham; N. Jennings and R. Ogilvie; and M. and D. Brown.

At Shannon (league rep B. Speight): S. Stansfield and K. Owen; Dan VDR and J. Eaton; J. Link and Stef Godsman; B. Speight and D. Hargreaves; L. Gill and A. Colclough; S. Cameron and S. Gulskar; D. Sutter and A. Newsome; S. Craven and D. Eaton; J. Stobbs and T. Hartley; and M. Staroszczuk and M. Cook.

At Duke of York (league rep T. Cameron): T. Hamer and S. Lindsay; S. Schofield and J. Priestley; S. Jones and C. Nelmes; D. and D. Garbutt; A. Cameron and K. Widdup; S. Walker and D. Rez; T. and M. Gledhill; T. Cameron and B. Wilkinson; M. Price and Carl Earnshaw; D. Hitchin and J. Schofield; and P. Chadwick and B. Sutcliffe.

At Hare and Hounds (league rep B. Maguire): B. Young and N. Widdup; J. and S. Irving; D. Healy and D. Mulhearn; B. Maguire and J. Hook; S. Rez and A. Wright; J. Halley and T. Gill; L. Earnshaw and M. Lord; G. and B. Birch; S. Outram and M. Walters; and C. Fenton and A. N. Other.


Division A

P W L Pts

Shannon A 10 8 2 16

Todmorden WM 10 6 4 12

Cornholme Waggon 10 5 5 10

Hope & Anchor B 10 4 6 8

Duke of York 10 4 6 8

Shannon B 10 3 6 6

Division B

P W L Pts

Royal George 12 12 0 24

Glen View 12 7 5 18

Hare & Hounds A 12 7 5 14

Weavers Arms 12 6 6 12

British Legion 12 5 7 10

Rope & Anchor 12 5 7 10

York Tigers 12 2 10 4