Todmorden netball round-up

WINDIES took advantage of the absence of Jammys star shooter to beat last season’s chanpions in the latest series of games in the Todmorden Netball League.

Windies started well with some good centre court play and went in front butn by half-time Jammys had levelled it at 7 - 7.

In the second half Windies played well as a team taking some excellent interceptions causing Jammys to lose shape a little and went on to win 13 - 9.

Terriers beat Panthers 16 - 11 after taking an early lead. Panthers tried to pull it back in the second half, but it was just not enough.

Good movement down the court helped Terriers gain the lead and hold on to it to win the game.

Twisters started well scoring first and and held the lead to the end to win 18 - 15.

There was some good passing with Giants having to defend the whole game.

Giants slowly crept up but were unable to catch the Twisters whose shooting was on top form.

Giants usual defence were out with injury but the new defence kept Twisters working hard in the circle. Rangers went on to beat Bears 16 - 11 after their good defence made Bears work hard. Experience told in the end for Rangers.

Lions had a bye.