Todmorden Winter Pool League results and fixtures

Latest results in the Todmorden Winter Pool League are - A Division: Walsden Waggon A 5, Woodpecker A 2; Weavers A 7, Shannon A 0; Pockets 1, Todmorden CC 6; Woodpecker B 7, Royal George 0; Shannon B 4, Walsden CBC 3.

B Division: Todmorden WMSC 3, Cornholme Waggon 4; Catholic Club 2, Hare & Hounds 5; Masons 3, Walsden Waggon B 4; Duke of York 2, Weavers B 5; Rope & Anchor 4, Golden Lion 3.

Fixtures for next Monday are - A Division: Woodpecker A v Weavers A, Walsden CBC v Shannon A, Todmorden CC v Walsden Waggon A, Royal George v Pockets, Shannon B v Woodpecker B.

B Division: Cornholme Waggon v Catholic Club, Golden Lion v Hare & Hounds, Walsden Waggon B v Todmorden WMSC, Weavers B v Masons, Rope & Anchor v Duke of York.