Walsden have Burton Cup - and breaking ‘Boro hoodo - in their sights

WALSDEN’S second team bid to win the Burton Cup, the only major trophy they have never won.

They travel to Harehill on Sunday to break their hoodoo against Littleborough who have beaten them four times in the final since the turn of the century.

The side will be captained by Stuart Hanson, who can remember Walsden’s only other attempt in 1983 when losing at Milnrow. As a small boy he was the club’s scorer that day.

Walsden seconds’ victory last weekend moves them into second place in the race for the title they last won in 2007.

With the first team chasing a top four finish, the idea of the aggregate cup is not out of the question.

l On Friday August 19 Walsden stages a fund-raiser curry night and 20/20 match (5.30pm) between Sri Lankan professionals and a team representing the rest of the world