Weather took its toll on bowls programme

THE weather took its toll last week in the Todmorden Bowls League.

The worst affected was the Veterans League on Monday.

Most matches have been played or rearranged but matches are to be played within 14 days of the original date. Clubs must keep the Fixture Secretary informed of postponements. Failure to do so will incur a fine.

There will be a meeting of delegates at Walsden Cricket Club on Monday June 13 at 9pm.

Results from last week - A Division: New Street 143 (11), Hare Hill 91 (0); Wardle A 150 (9), Walsden B 129 (3); Walsden A 147 (9), Wardle B 122 (3).

B Division: Catholic Club A 150 (8), Hollins B 109 (4.5); Hollins A 132 (9), Catholic Club B 127 (3); Walsden C 111 (2), Hare & Hounds 155 (12).

Veterans League - A Division: Catholic Club A 94 (3), Bacup Park B 108 (7.5); Walsden A 121 (8), Hare Hill A 79 (1.5); Ladybarn A 108 (7), Lanctan 93 (3).

B Division: Wardle B 122 (8), Ladybarn B 81 (1.5); Hare Hill B 89 (1), Kirkholt A 108 (10.5); Rugby Road 111 (7), Healey B 98 (3).

Fixtures Tuesday June 7 - A Division: New Street v Wardle A, Rose & Crown A v Walsden B, Wardle B v Hare Hill.

B Division: Catholic Club A v Hollins A; Hollins B v Catholic Club B.

Thursday June 9 - B Division: Walsden C v Rose & Crown B.

Fixtures for Monday June 6 - A Division: Bacup Park A v Walsden A, Catholic Club A v Lanctan, Ladybarn A v New Street B, New Street A v Hare Hill A, Wardle A v Bacup Park B.

B Division: Hare Hill B v Ladybarn B, Healey A v Wardle B, Kirkholt B v Rose & Crown, Walsden B v Healey B.

l THE Hebden Royd and District ABA Veterans Handicap Trophy will be played on Walsden C&BC green on Wednesday June 8.

The draw will start at 10.30am and the competition begins immediately on completion of the draw

Competing for the prize money and their name on the trophy will be 32 entrants representing clubs from the association, and an excellent day’s bowling can be expected.

Last year’s finalists A. Schofield and A. Uttley, both Walsden bowlers, are entered but will have to be on their best form to repeat last year’s success.

Refreshments will be on sale from the start and during the competition.