White-hot Julia lands season's first 'major'

THE Presidents Prize is the first major trophy in the Todmorden Golf Club ladies' section golfing season and one of the ladies' much sought after prizes.

Mr E B Fielden of Dobroyd Castle and former MP was the first president of Todmorden Golf Club during the clubs inception in 1894 a role he held until his passing in 1942.

This year Joe Daniels is filling this prestigious position. Joe has been an active member of the club for over 33 years and was captain of the club in 1993 when Dinah Kenworthy was lady captain.

On Thursday in fairly warm conditions, albeit in a tricky wind, the ladies took part in an 18 Hole Stableford Competition.

Julia White, one of the winners of this year’s Hidden Partners Competition, came home in pole position with 35 Points. Alison Barker, Linda Bell and Jean Kirk all tied for second place but after a three-way card play off Linda Bell came out as our runner up.

At the presentation Mr Daniels presented the winners with a selection of beautifully packaged Clarins Beauty products.

Julia was thrilled to have won this year’s President’s Prize and said that Joe must be her lucky omen as in 1993 when Joe was captain of the club she had won his Captain’s Prize competition.

Val Cowie’s delicate flower arrangement of lilac, pink and white chrysanthemums set in a white porcelain jug were presented to Janet Topham (ladies’ handicap secretary) by lady captain Irena Brown in the hidden raffle.

Earlier in the day Joe had presented all the ladies taking part in the competition with a sleeve of golf balls. All were delighted to welcome back fellow lady golfers Mary Crawford and Michelle Miller.

The evening concluded with an informative chat by Angus Woodhead on this season’s Nike clothing range.

Even if the ladies do get stuck in the bunkers they sure should look good. I would like to add that Mr President was escorted by Todmorden’s very own treasurer Mr Philip Brown, referred to throughout the evening as “the minder”!

l A CHAMPAGNE breakfast or perhaps a glass of bucks fizz and a full English?

If only the weather could have helped by “makin it’s mind up” rather than the cocktail of rain, wind, rain, hail and yet more blinkin’ rain!

There certainly were no tequila sunrises on offer at Rive Rocks for the annual Champagne Breakfast Competition on Saturday.

In the horrendous weather conditions past captain John Fowler organised and hosted the competition and chose a format where two of the four team players score on all the par 4s, three players score on the par 3s and all four players have to score on the last par 3, the 16th.

The adverse conditions failed to deter the early risers who set off in high spirits only to return looking like drowned rats.

Our Magnums in third place with 84 points were Robert Ogden, Mark Pattison, Paul Neely and Liz Coverdale.

Our Jeroboams in second place with 85 points were Club Captain Alan Dickinson, Paul Lukaszyk, John Stobbs and Janet Topham. And our Rehoboams in first place also with 85 points after winning a card play off were Darren Wilson, Colin Greenwood, Clive Cook and Gill Neely. All the winners received bottles of wine.

Back in the clubhouse catering managers Alan and Lydia Troy and the girls served a delicious well-earned full English breakfast and a glass of bucks fizz to all the competitors.

A past Rabbit captain’s tale...

POPULAR club member Clive Cook had a tale to tell after his tee shot on the par 4 10th.

After much deliberation with his club selection due to the following wind (or was it a gale) Clive decided to play for position and safety with his trusty 7 iron.

Despite the torrential rain all seemed secure as Clive took his backswing but as he embarked on his downswing his trusty friend slipped from his hand and his club cascaded into the air landing at his feet.

However, his white ball seemed unfazed by these antics and remained untouched and motionless on its little pink tee peg. Sadly, only Clive’s demeanour and deportment were somewhat diminished. One suspects he felt a real “Champagne Charlie” despite the friendly banter and cheers of all his team-mates.

However, all was not lost as back at the clubhouse he found himself on the winning team – so let’s hear it for Clive.