Artist unveils themed work at centre for stammering support

Hebden Bridge artist Michael Peace
Hebden Bridge artist Michael Peace

HEBDEN Bridge artist Michael Peace will unveil a series of artworks on the theme of communication as part of the official opening ceremony for the Stammering Support Centre in Leeds.

Mr Peace was one of the first users of NHS stammering services in Leeds in the 1970s and has been successfully treated for a stammer.

He has donated the artworks that depict groups and individuals engaged in various types of communication. The centrepiece is two metres long by one metre high, plus there are five other canvases measuring one metre high and approximately 60cm long each. All the artworks are oil on canvas.

The opening ceremony takes place tomorrow, Friday, December 2, from 2.20pm at the centre, which is housed in the Reginald Centre, Chapeltown Road, Leeds.