Artistic couple move into gallery for a month

'˜Known locally as The Fabulous Czainskis, the artistic duo of Chris and Paul Czainski have a most unusual exhibition at Water Street Gallery, '˜A Studio Shared '¦ current interests and obsessions'.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 9:00 am

They have a total and absorbing passion for art, always having some fascinating project ‘on the go’ , sometimes collaborative, sometimes individually, happily choosing to accept or reject each others criticisms or appraisals. Paul is famed for his trompe l’ceil paintings and murals ‘painting things that look more real than real’ while Chris permeates a strong sense of drama, both serious and comic in her 3D assemblage works.

Water Street Gallery is, in part, to be ‘theirs’ for a month - a re-creation of their West Yorkshire studio space together with the the furniture and essential paraphernalia of studio life.

The art work itself is almost entirely new multi-media work and the exhibition runs from September 2 to October 2.