Join in Walter's adventures ...

The Adventures of Walter Lemonface is a fun-filled, interactive experience for the whole family which comes to Square Chapel this Friday (April 8).

Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 1:30 pm

And the best part? The audience decides what the adventurer, fearless inventor and connoisseur of carrots does and where he goes!

Bringing together storytelling, music and live animation, The Adventures of Walter Lemonface happens in real-time and each adventure is different.

The show has been created by 154 Collective who are a group of artists from a range of backgrounds including painting, photography, animation, music and theatre to make fun and engaging work for a range of audiences.

If you’re struggling to get children away from ‘screen time’, The Adventures of Walter Lemonface offers the perfect solution as they decide what Walter should do and where he should go, and see it created in front of their eyes.

It’s a show where there really is no such thing as too much joining in and features talented artists, performers and state of the art technology.

See Walter’s adventures come to life on the cinema screen at Square Chapel Centre for the Arts on Friday 8 April at 11am.

Sometimes scary, often touching and always with a healthy sprinkling of silly, The Adventures of Walter Lemonface is a treat for children of all ages – from three to 103.

The star of the show lives in a purple shed at the bottom of a waterfall and Walter will tell you that he’s been everywhere, met everyone and he saves the world at least once a week.

But remember, not everything Walter says is true...

Aimed at children aged three and above there’s no such thing as too much joining in with this show as young audiences help our hero Walter Lemonface (yes, he does have a head shaped quite like a certain yellow fruit) hunt for ghosts, solve mysteries and meet new friends.

Two digital artists – Fabric Lenny and Benjamin Rabe - create Walter and his world live on iPads, which is projected onto a pop-up or cinema screen (depending on location). The story is narrated by Dan Mallaghan, underscored with live guitar by Nick Lewis; the guitar also gives Walter his voice, which is ‘translated’ by Dan.

The show is full of joining in, the audience tell Walter where to go, the costumes he should wear and what to do next – then it is created live in-front of their eyes by the animators.