Traditional songs in a unique style

Ryburn 3 Step welcomes Northern Irish singer Rosie Stewart to its latest concert. With a style that is entirely her own, she picks and chooses her repertoire from songs that might be 20 or 200 years old.

Saturday, 22nd April 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:45 pm

Born Rosie McKeaney in Cashel, Fermanagh, Stewart has music and song in her veins.

She listened to her grandfather, her parents and neighbours from being very young. Her father, Patrick McKeaney, was best known as a step dancer but he was also a great singer with a vast repertoire of songs.

When she attended a session in the early 80s at The Metropole in Kilkenny and heard Sarah Ann O’Neill and her brother Geordie Hanna (icons of the Ulster singing tradition) she was ‘blown away’ by their presence and their songs and knew she wanted to emulate them.

Rosie Stewart has featured on radio and appeared on TV shows including The Pure Drop on RTE, The Corner House & Blas Cheoil on the BBC and she recorded songs for a Channel 4 series about Irish history.

As usual, the folk club resident singers and musicians, Pete Coe, Chris Coe, John Adams, Annie Dearman, Steve Harrison, Chris Manners, Sue van Gaalen,Tim Edwards and Sue Burgess will be getting the evening off to a grand start. The concert is at the Malt House, Rishworth on April 26. More detail from