Feeling force of nature feeds painter Clare’s inspiration

Calder Valley artist Clare Haley
Calder Valley artist Clare Haley

YORKSHIRE painter Clare Haley has been causing a stir at Hebden Bridge’s Calder Gallery in Market Street since she started showing her paintings last year, with most of her images being snapped up in short order.

Her new exhibition there, now showing, looks set to replicate the success.

Gallery owner Sue Allinson said: “We first took Clare’s paintings last January and from the beginning customers rarely left the gallery without giving us appreciative comments.

“It is rare that an artist has such a wide and instant appeal.”

Clare’s paintings have an energy and vigour that attracts immediately, with dramatic sweeping landscapes and swirling skies that convey the power and scale of nature wonderfully well.

Coupled with her use of a range of colours that evoke the aged varnish on an “old master” painting, Clare creates very modern landscapes that nevertheless have the feel of something antique, something classical.

Inspiration for some of the paintings comes from the Calder Valley, including “A Timeless Path Tod Stoodley Pike”.

Clare says of her initial inspiration for her paintings came from a “bolt of excitement during a school trip to the Tate in London.

“I stood in front of three paintings by the early Victorian artist John Martin and was overwhelmed by the magnitude of drama that can be created through light and shadow.

“The impact of that experience stayed with me and inspired a way of painting the landscape with over-exaggerated skies and mystical terrain.”

Being out in the ever-changing Yorkshire weather and simply feeling the force of the wind, how light reflects on recently rain saturated ground and watching cloud formations all power the scenes that Clare wants to paint.

The exhibition runs at the gallery until April 15.

For more details ring 01422 843832 or log on to www.caldergallery.co.uk