Old and new together in Ian’s novel

Todmorden author Ian Emberson has mixed the old and the new for his latest book, Seaport At Sunrise.

Ian has published the novel as an e-book, but it draws on experiences based on his time in Cyprus where he undertook his National Service between 1955 and 1957.

“It’s got quite a history,” he says. “A number of years ago I wrote this novel using the background from my experience there but an imaginary foreground plot.

“I didn’t know much about writing at that time and sent it to various publishers and got rejection slips, pushed it to one side and forgot about it. I looked at it again a few years ago and it was clumsily told but the basic story was good .

“Originally it was written in the third person and I have rewritten it in the form of a young girl’s journal, and made it into a much better book, it’s down to its essentials.”

Although Ian has published much work in hard copy form, including his novel-in-verse Pirouette Of Earth and a highly-readable autobiographical book, he has also published work on his website - www.ianemberson.co.uk - and now, through Hebden Bridge based publisher Pennine Pens, as an e-book.

It is available through Amazon for about £5.80, and is also available on Kindle and for Apple i-pad. “There are curses and blessings both ways, but the e-book form will access a readership all over the world. Someone in San Francisco can easily read it,” said Ian. “It conveys a feeling of Cyprus and its history - it’s an island that has been fought over for 2,000 years and since I was there a lot of awful things have happened.”

Ian has also produced the cover artwork and adds the significance of the title isn’t revealed until the last page!