Palace gets BAFTA nominee premiere

Actor Steven Hooper, of Todmorden, in BAFTA nominated film 'I am Nasrine'
Actor Steven Hooper, of Todmorden, in BAFTA nominated film 'I am Nasrine'

Todmorden’s Electric Palace Cinema has been granted a special licence to premiere the BAFTA-nominated film I Am Nasrine - even though it is not yet on general release.

One of the stars, Todmorden-based actor Steven Hooper, will be present at the screening and will also be doing a question and answer session afterwards. The film’s acclaimed director Tina Gharavi says Steven is: “one of the most naturally talented actors I have ever worked with.”

The film tells the story of a young woman Nasrine who lives in a middle class family in Iran. When she and her brother have a brush with the police, their father sends them to England where Nasrine becomes involved with a travelling community. She finds herself drawn towards the rough-edged, self-sufficient Leigh (Hooper) while her brother, at first resistant to many things English, also begins to flourish.

Steven Hooper has been acting since he was five years old. After studying psychology at university he was cast in a few short films and has gone on to work in television and appear in Coronation Street. He says: “Things have really taken off since the BAFTA nomination. I’ve got several agents knocking on my door and my fingers crossed for a part in a new feature film, Armistice, shooting later this year. I’m really excited that Nasrine is showing at the Hippodrome – it’s where I grew up as an actor.”

I Am Nasreen (15) is showing at the Hippodrome cinema on Saturday, May 4, at 7.30pm. Tickets are £4 and a bar will be available.