Printers link in busy show of vibrant techniques

Fine art printmakers in the Water Street Gallery have joined forces with printmakers from the West Yorkshire Print Workshop resulting in a vibrant and eclectic collection of works.

“In fact the whole impact of the exhibition is intended to be both informative and visually exciting through demonstrating the many different processes of the original print, each with their own technical demands,” said gallery owner Rosemary Holcroft.

“Discovering the woodcuts, etching, silk screen, monoprint, collograph and complex digital images make this one of the most inspirational and colourful of exhibitions I have seen in this gallery.”

Printmakers from WYPW include Janine Denby, Kathryn Desforges, Andrew Hambleton, Laura Slater, Neil Thomson and Miriam Trent.

Gallery and invited artists exhibiting are Shelley Burgoyne, Gordon Cain, Carole Kirk, Paul Czainski, Ross Loveday, Sara Philpott, Angela Rogers, Gwen Turner and Richard Wincer.

The WYPW is an open access printmaking facility in Mirfield which offers tuition, courses and studios facilities for all abilities. The exhibition runs until April 29 and will be open over the Easter week-end.