Relax and review our busy year ‘on parade’

Featured: Fantastical Cycle Parade
Featured: Fantastical Cycle Parade

There’s little doubt that 2014 was a year to remember in terms of big scale local events, and the new plain slipcased DVD on sale at Todmorden Information Centre proves the point.

Filmed and produced by Gail Allaby, 2014: Todmorden, A Year On Parade features some of the big events, and takes in more than Todmorden’s borders in the process, writes John Greenwood.

There is no commentry, nicely chosen music selections accompanying the film images (stills in the case of the opening Skyride section).

Skyride follows an introduction and is followed by a Tour De France taster - the Cragg Vale Piano Run.

Todmorden’s Fantastical Cycle Parade is next up, with a stills segment showing some of the preparations before filom of the event itself unfolding.

It was a wet day for Todmorden Carnival, but there was still fun to be had as extensive footage of the parade and fun fair shows.

The sun was out for Todmorden Agricultural Show, and also for the Tour De France itself, the latter including footage from several parts of the valley, which have the next two segments.

Finally, the superb Lamplighter parade which lit up Todmorden in December brings the DVD, which totals about 50 minutes in length, to a close.

Cynthia Murray of Todmporden information Centre says: “It’s a great memento of a packed year - and a great chance to spot yourself on parade!”

The DVD is available from Todmorden Information Centre, Burnley Road, and is £7.99.